0. Teaser

The hunted has become the Hunter.

Azalea Fairwen lives simply as a village girl in a red riding hood—until a wild storm tears her world apart, raising a horde of deadly monsters. In a desperate bid to protect her country, Azalea takes up the magitech rifle and joins the illustrious ranks of the kingdom’s royal hunters. But when the storm only grows, she may have to find an unlikely ally in a conniving, silver-tongued mercenary known as the Lone Wolf before everything she knows comes to ruin.

AZALEA Red Riding Hood

Once a timid child, Azalea took up the rifle and became a marksman to protect her country after the tragic death of her brother.


ECHO Big Bad Wolf

A deadly purveyor of lies and secrets, Echo wears his identities like masks. Is he roguish mercenary or commanding noble, friend or foe? No one can say for sure.


WES Geppetto / Pinocchio

An earnest inventor with a heart of gold, Wes pulls out all the stops to keep his dearest childhood friend Azalea alive.


KARIS Sugar Plum Fairy

As the Second Hunter of Airlea, every word and motion from Karis is elegance and beauty—but her pleasant smile belies a dark, brutal thirst for revenge.


HALCYON Ugly Duckling

From humble beginnings as a discarded beggar, Halcyon rose to become the revered First Hunter due to his combat prowess, quiet confidence, and dry humor.

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