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A shrewd, elegant patrician. A stoic, enigmatic soldier. And an ancient secret beneath the ocean's depths.

For the first time in decades, Airlea is at peace…and Karis could not be more bored. Thankfully, the sudden arrival of a foreign delegation throws her into a whirlpool of intrigue, court politics, and ancient secrets. What could these newcomers be plotting? And why is Karis’s handsome yet aggravating compatriot, Halcyon, being so evasive?

KARIS Sugar Plum Fairy

As the Second Hunter of Airlea, every word and motion from Karis is elegance and beauty—but her pleasant smile belies a dark, brutal thirst for revenge.


HALCYON Ugly Duckling

From humble beginnings as a discarded beggar, Halcyon rose to become the revered First Hunter due to his combat prowess, quiet confidence, and dry humor.


SETHIS Prince Charming

With an equal sense of compassion, honor, and justice, the crown prince bears Airlea's future hopes.


Book 2: Rise of Atlantis
will begin airing in 2024.
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